Dr. Nathan Parker – Pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church
Posted on September 7, 2021
Title: Faithful Academics in Work and Word
Dr. John Lennox – Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University
Posted on February 24, 2021
God's Undertaker: Have Science and Philosophy Buried God?
Dr. Paul Gould – Assoc. Professor of Philosophy of Religion
Posted on January 13, 2021
Cultural Apologetics
Joe Bucha – Stonegate Counseling Associates
Posted on September 2, 2020
Keys to Emotional and Spiritual Health
Dr. Crawford Loritts – Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA
Posted on August 31, 2017
Social Justice and the Gospel
Dr. Jefrey Breshears, Founder — The Areopagus Christian Study Center, Atlanta, Ga
Posted on March 2, 2016
The Problem of Christian Anti-Intellectualism: Why Christians Should Study Apologetics
Dr. Rae Mellichamp, Emeritus Professor of Management Science, University of Alabama
Posted on January 13, 2016
Lessons from Someone Who Has Been Around the Block a Few Times
Dr. Simon Aderibigbe, UGA Assoc. Professor of Religion
Posted on December 3, 2015
The History of Christianity in Africa and Dr. Aderibigbe's Spiritual Journey
Prof. Randy Beck, UGA Law Professor
Posted on October 8, 2015
What Can Christian Theology Offer to the World of Law?

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