* Dr. Alex Kojo Anderson

Associate Professor of Foods and Nutrition
College of Family and Consumer Sciences

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Dr. Anderson’s Faith Story – Born in Ghana and the 7th of 8 children, my father died when I was just 4 years old. My siblings and I were raised by our mother who did not have any formal education but was determined to education her children. Although our mother did not have any formal education, she had one thing, faith in Jesus Christ, which she continuously taught and shared with her children. Going to Sunday School, Bible Class and Church was a ritual and a must each week within my household. This wasn’t something any of us children could negotiate with my mother. While this practice made me very religious, I wouldn’t say it made me a follower of Jesus.

It wasn’t until my high school days in 1988 that I understood what Christianity is about. In Ghana, most of the high schools are boarding schools. I took a class in Bible Knowledge, which was taught by a Christian minister, Rev. Edusa-Eyison. During introductions on the first day of classes, this minister took great interest in me when he learned I was from the same denominational background as he was and also born and raised in the part of the country where he comes from. One other connection we had was that I was being raised by a single mother just as he was. He treated me like a younger brother and always invited me to his home on campus for meals and also to accompany him to church off campus. It was during one such visits to his home that I gathered the courage to ask him the question “who God is” that has a whole book (the Bible) written about him and we are taught and expected to worship him. The Reverend friend took the time to explain to me who God is, what he expect from us, and what awaits us in the future based on our relationship with him and his son, Jesus Christ. That day and subsequent conversation around this subject matter was the changing point in my walk with God. What I learned was that like all people I have a problem that the Bible calls sin which separates me from a loving God, both now and for eternity. But because of God’s great love for mankind, he sent his son, Jesus, to die in our place and pay the penalty of our sin. All I needed to do was place my faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins, and he would come into my life, forgiving my sins, and giving me a new spiritual life. I made this decision to give my life to Jesus, becoming his follower, and begin a new spiritual life.

I was baptized by this same Reverend Minister later in the year. I remember going home at the end of the school year and my mother asking me what was going on with me because she has observed changes in my relationship with others and my new interest in church and spiritual things. I told her how my new found friend and mentor, Rev. Edusa-Eyison, had helped me to find meaning in my relationship with God. I have never looked back.

I have had a great experience knowing God all these years. His guidance along that of my late mother (may her soul rest in perfect peace) has brought me this far in life considering my childhood struggles and challenges. I have never regretted giving my life to Jesus Christ and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who does not know him or has no personal relationship with him.