February 24, 2021 – Dr. John Lennox

Webinar Topic: God’s Undertaker: Has Science and Philosophy Buried God?

Date: Thursday, February 24, 2021

Time: 12:30-1:45

We are excited to host Dr. John Lennox, emeritus professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, for a webinar entitled “God’s Undertaker: Has Science and Philosophy Buried God?” The format for the event will be an interview with Dr. Lennox with Dr. Yohannes Abate, UGA Assoc. Professor of Physics, as the moderator. There will also be a chance for those in attendance online to submit questions.

The event is being co-sponsored by The Veritas Forum, and they are handling registration. To register and receive the zoom link for the event click on the hotlink below.

Click here to register.

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