February 9, 2022 – Andrew Potter

Date: Wednesday, February 9

Time: 12:45-1:45

Location: Tate 473

Note about Covid protocols: We will follow UGA recommendations related to masks while indoors. While we will not require masks, we do encourage masks while inside Tate and begin to gather in the meeting room. Obviously as we eat and sit around tables, we don’t expect those who choose to attend the meeting to wear a mask. Our lunches we serve will be all pre-packaged items.

The speaker for the February CFF meeting will be Andrew Potter. The title of his talk is Channeling Burke in an Age of Revolution:  The Christian Talent Pipeline, “Dangerous Disciples” and the World of Tomorrow (abstract below). As the Director of University Experiential Learning, Andrew champions experiential learning at UGA, articulating a vision to various stakeholders within the university as well as community and industry partners. Andrew also serves on the University’s Innovation District Launch Team, applying his industry experience supporting private equity mergers, turn-arounds, and exits to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning across the state of Georgia.  He also leads the Student Industry Fellows Program and offers cross-disciplinary courses on business strategy/development, innovation, and design thinking.

Abstract: The eminent socialist Theodore Roszak once commented that “Christian faith is privately engaging but publicly irrelevant”.  In this discussion, we gauge the talent pipeline of Christendom as it seeks to be the salt and light for another generation in an age of increasing disruption—not unlike that experienced by Edmund Burke in the latter part of the 18th Century which led him to articulate the importance of “the great commonwealth of Christendom” to society as a whole.  In particular, we will emphasize the role that Christian intellectuals must play to renew the mind, restore the family, reform the church, and revitalize the culture.

A light lunch will be served to everyone who sends in their RVP by 5 pm, Tuesday, February 8, by filling out the form below.


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