February 11, 2015: David Salyers

Date: February 11

Time: 12:15-1:15 pm

Location: Tate Reception Hall

Speaker: David Salyers, Chick-fil-A VP for National and Regional Marketing and author of Remarkable!

Topic: How to Live a Life that is REMARKABLE!

David is a UGA business school graduate and began his career with Chick-fil-A the same day he received his diploma. David has invested his entire career as part of a team, committed to building the kind of company culture that people talk about. As a leader, he believes that the principles he has learned and written about in his book Remarkable! are universally applicable, including the academy. Below is an abstract of his talk.
UnRemarkable – A word that could be used to describe most organizations, most careers, and most lives. In the world of marketing it has been said that “advertising is the TAX we pay for being unremarkable”. For individuals the price for being unremarkable is far greater; many of us settle for higher pay checks and lower engagement.  So how do we avoid this…how do we reduce our “taxes”?  For Christians, God has given us many opportunities to be salt and light to the world around us. We can live life to the full and be those who bring about positive change. How can we do this? That’s what this talk will explore. And you might just find the answer to be….well…. REMARKABLE!


A light lunch will be served to those who RSVP by Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 5 pm:

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