April 7, 2022 – Dr. Jessica Johnson

Date: Thursday, April 7

Time: 12:45-1:45

Location: Tate 473

The last Christian Faculty Forum monthly meeting of the school year will be held Thursday, April 7, with Dr. Jessica Johnson as the speaker. Jessica is a native of Athens and a graduate of Clarke Central HS. She earned her bachelor’s in English from North Carolina Central University, and her master’s in journalism and PhD in education from The Ohio State University. She is currently a lecturer in English composition and cultural studies at Ohio State-Lima. Jessica is an opinion columnist for the Athens Banner-Herald, a special correspondent for The Columbus Dispatch, and has been an invited speaker at various forums. Her columns are nationally syndicated through Creators Syndicate under the title “From the Desk of Dr. J.” Her columns examine faith and racial and social issues in sports, popular culture, higher education, and politics. While many in our society write attacking and vitriolic columns, Jessica is an irenic voice that seeks to be both biblical and true to the gospel. The title of her talk is “Giving God Glory in Secular Settings and Newspaper Columns” (abstract below).

Note: Due to Jessica’s teaching schedule, she will not be joining us locally. Therefore, while we will still have an in-person lunch and fellowship in Tate 473 she will join us via zoom to give her talk, followed by our usual Q&A session. If you cannot make the meeting in person but would like to join via zoom, email Buz for the link. You can reach him by clicking on the “Contact” link above and requesting the link in the message box.

Abstract: Writing opinion columns for newspapers and speaking at secular events (on or off university campuses) often invites opposing views and critical comments. But these opportunities also provide a platform by which I can bring glory to God and point others to the gospel. Through prayer and a commitment to seeking to be biblical, this presentation shares how I seek to bring glory to God through the passions and gifts He has given me.

A light lunch will be served to everyone who sends in their RVP by 5 pm, Wednesday, April 6, by filling out the form below.


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