November 12, 2014: Dr. Doug Bailey

Date: November 12th

Time: 12:15-1:15 pm

Location: Tate Reception Hall

Speaker: Dr. Doug Bailey, UGA Horticulture Dept. Head

Topic: Plants of the Bible

Dr. Bailey will share his experiences offering Plants of the Bible as a UGA course over the past seven years and also touch on the religious, cultural, and symbolic uses of plants in scripture.

Abstract:  What was the forbidden fruit that Eve and Adam ate?  What are frankincense and myrrh?  What wood was used to make Noah’s ark; how about the ark of the covenant?  Are plants mentioned in the Bible still used today?  Which plants commonly associated with the Bible actually do not appear in the Bible?  Take an ecumenical walk through the Bible for a tour of the plants of that time.  Experience pictures, flavors and aromas of these plants and learn about their symbolic, cultural, and religious uses in scripture.


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